Website development, logo and corporate identity for Me We Events

We developed a site, logo and overall corporate identity for  Me We Events - your wedding and party guide.

Corporate logo design and materials

It was interesting for us to review the ideas of our client regarding the design. We had a set direction to stick to. Romantic but not too sugary. The final variant we picked together with the client was a logo in the form of a heart in a soft beige. The outcome was very nice and catchy.

From Me We Events with love

Wedding and party guide Me We Events love interesting weddings and events. To the owner of the wedding website each publication is different, bringing its history and gives joy to many people! As she said when she got an e-mail, she opened and read it in one breath. Most of the weddings and events that people share with her are published on the site. In any event has a personal story of people that celebrate. Wonderful idea and effort!

“It is so easy to work with RIZN, because we speak one language. They are great professionals. They give the final touches to every detail, they always say what bothers them. I think that together we made a fantastic project. I'm positive I'll choose them for my next site or corporate materials” – Maya Velcheva, owner of Me We Events - wedding and party guide.


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