Interactive website design and development for Yalta Club

The best club site according to .NET magazine and so do we think.

The ultimate center of club culture in Bulgaria

Yalta Club became cool before we have heard the ‘cool’ word. First among equals! Yalta plays electronic music, foreign DJs visit Bulgaria for the first time. The club gives a start for all young popular Bulgarian DJs and some of the biggest stars of world house music have performed behind the DJ desk.

Website of Solar 07-09

We developed a microsite for the summer Yalta programme at the seaside. From July till August the club life as well as entire Sofia set off for the sea shore. At Sunny Beach resort, on Cacao or Bedroom Beach – just get the flip-flops and your party mood and let the party start now!

The Best Club Site

According to the authoritative UK .net magazine the site we developed for Yalta Club is ‘The best club site we’ve seen’. Here’s some of what they said about us: “Leading Bulgarian studio RIZN take upon the project. The result is the best club website we have ever seen. Stylish and clean without extra flash effects your eyes begin to hurt from. Minimalism lined with great functionality. The Events calendar is developed very well and it is an example of one of the most useful information systems in the industry. Clean and stylish website, the next step is definitely visiting the club.” 

Awards and acknowledgements

First prize in ‘Entertainment and Lifestyle’ of Computer Space, October 2007
Acknowledgement from Design Collector, August 2007
Mowsnet Awards, July 2007
Acknowledgement from .net magazine, issue 164 “10 of the best designs from around the web”, May 2007
Website Design Awards, April 2007
Design Charts, April 2007
Gouw Awards, April 2007
Best Flash Animation Site, March 2007

E-motional Design, March 2007
Fcuk Star Awards, March 2007

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