Online Shop Development for Pepina

Pepina is the online shop where you will find the shoes from your dreams.


Elegant high heels in black or something more extravagant?

While working for the online shop of Pepina even the men in our office started contemplating about the complex process of choosing shoes when there is a great variety of opportunities. The shoes that you will find on represent renowned Italian brands like Baldinini, Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli, G. F. Ferre, and others. The Italians are unrivaled when it comes about design and quality and this is a well-known fact. Pepina is now at your fingertips and it offers you the latest trends from the world of shoes.


Pepina + Magento

Our love is endless :) Since we've started working with the Magento platform we haven't thought for cheating even for a second. We integrated the special GPR module. We also added a module for calculation of the amount percentage when paying by delivery. The admin panel was improved with a feature for widening of the product grid and with different criteria filters like those by date of creation, by special price, and by product picture. The automatic returns module also adds up to the customer experience as the inquiry may be generated directly from the online store.

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