Online shop development for ORION

Orion are stores specialized in the manufacturing of lights.

Orion is the most famous constellation that is visible from every part of the Earth. And Magento is the most frequently used ecommerce platform. We chose it for another time because of all the functionalities it provides. One of the most interesting features, that was additionally modified by us, is the option for selecting the appropriate type and number of light bulbs for a particular lamp. It is really convenient for the clients as with only one click of the mouse they could buy everything necessary without wondering what is the exact number of  light bulbs that will make the lighting work properly. We also integrated an online marketing module that gives the opportunity for receiving different discounts by sharing products in the social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) as well as by sharing the home page.

Viennese Glamor

It's like we are at the Viennese Ball!
Chandeliers, ornate lamps, so much splendor and light. And not only ...
We browse the online shop, and blinded by the glitter, we reach the classic, simple lamp. But we started to dream of Austria and Swarovski.
Yes, the famous crystal also finds application in the production of lamps for our customers. Well, at all ... stylish work!

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