Complete online B2B & B2C solution for Maxtel

The online shop and the B2B system in one successful website allow the optimization of the business processes and expenses.

Maxtel + Magento

Maxtel + Magento

Again Magento? Yes, of course! :) We follow strictly every change and functionality that comes out for the online commercial platform Magento. By the latest data Magento continues to be the most commonly used platform for the development of an online shop! That's why we continue to rely on it for the creation of our clients' online shops. In Maxtel's website we not only included the standard payment terms – cash on delivery and payment by credit card, but also added 3 leasing schemes by integrating our module with calculated APR in Magento. This condition is already absolutely compulsory for all dealers.



Maxtel are predominantly B2B (Business to Business) oriented, but also B2C (Business to Client). A great priority for them was the ease of the communication with the clients. We coped with this successfully thanks to the multifunctional Magento. Now the business clients of Maxtel have the opportunity after signing up and logging in the system to make quotations directly from the online shop as well as to export PDF files which later could use in their own business.

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