Online shop development for Elusion

Elusion are the most technologically developed products – electronic cigarettes, substitutes of common ones.

Electronically – easier, healthy and convenient!

The development of technologies is faster and imperceptible! Only a year ago it was discussed a healthier and more convenient alternative of common cigarettes and today it is modern to smoke e-cigarettes. No tar, different scents, no thick and choking smoke – these are only part of these products' advantages. To be honest, we haven't guessed that a day will come when apart from online shopping, we will be able to smoke electronically:) We won't be surprised if soon we begin to do other things electronically...

Elusion + Magento

Again superlatives for the e-commerce platform Magento. We developed an online shop for Bulgaria and for England in which the easy content management, SEO optimization and tracking every order were the criteria of primary importance to our international client. We easily added to each product a 360 view which presents much better every product to the users of Elusion e-cigarettes. We also used Magento Inventory Management Extension – online solution for inventory management. This accessory to the Magento e-commerce platform helps for the easier and faster synchronization of clients, products, sales, availabilities and accurate real-time accounting data.

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