Logo design and online shop development of

Defect is an online shop for modern art and design where you can always find something new and eye-catching!

The Defect is within all of us.

The question is to what extent you are defect, not if you are defect at all. We love to fill the white and perfectly even walls with asymmetric, vivid and Defect works of art which no one could do twice. The Defect is an accent, a spice, a colour for the space. Our Defect logo was developed by our designers and Fontan2 himself who can also be found with his works on the online shop.

Defect + Magento

No, there's no Defect in Magento – only effects and easy-to-use plug-ins. This time we put the Defect in the Magento Commerce platform. Fast stylization, inserting of  products and characteristics, easy navigation – these are small part of the advantages of the E-commerce Magento platform. We integrated the most convenient methods of payment – cash on delivery, Epay, payPal, bank transfer so that every online shop customer can order according to one's individual preferences.  

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