Online shop development for Farenah Concept

Farenah Concept is an online shop for luxury fashion, design and cosmetics. Visit the conceptual shopping destination from anywhere in the world!

People who say happiness cannot be bought just don't know where to go shopping!

The girls from Farenah share what the store is not and what it is all about to them. We agree with the sentence above. People who say happiness cannot be bought, don't really know where to go shopping. Each and everyone of you can find and buy terrific things on the online shop as well as at their boutique on the Tsar Kaloyan Street and the smile from the good purchase won't fade away for a long time. Going shopping is such a pleasure!

Farenah Concept + Magento

Of course, true to ourselves, we created the Farenah Concept online shop on the E-commerce platform Magento. We can say only positive things about it and the list itself is long therefore you should see the advantages of the online shops we develop with the help of Magento Commerce.

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