Logo design and corporate materials for Silver Noise

We developed overall corporate identity and logo design of the Bulgarian record company Silver Noise.

Silver, noisy, well launched.

The Silver from Mangasarian Bros. created the Silver Noise label in 2008. He produces famous Bulgarian artists such as Tri-O-Five, Lyubo, Mastilo, Phuture Shock and many others. The well launched music is the one which is most available for its listeners. Silver Noise are music distributors in 99% of the existing legal online stores worldwide.
And why is silver called “The Silver”? Due to its metallic reflection that dazzles you when he smiles  :)

Corporate logo design and materials

It was pleasure for us to design the logo and corporate materials for Silver Noise. We picked a black-white clean design for corporate identity and label’s corporate sign. We had many different variants – very colourful, noisy, artistic,  but in the end we counted on the black gramophone record with the white needle.

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