Logo design and identity for REM

REM are rotary eco machines which have been developed for 16 years by prominent scientists.

EcoPulse – Pulse for ecology

Our English clients entrusted us again with the logo design for their latest project – Rotary EcoPulse. The Rotary EcoMachines team have been developing the project for a long time and the testing of the prototype will be officially launched pretty soon - in 2012. 

The logo for REM symbolizes the very new type of rotary internal combustion engine. The eco pulse comes from all innovative qualities which the product has.

More power, smaller sizes and less weight, more efficiency, and long lifespan and in addition to all that – the evaporated gases are way purer. 

We fly with the car!

Our team are the biggest car fans and that's why we were most impressed by the new car engine. The switch from cars driven with petrol to such driven with electricity and the natural need of fossil fuels is facilitated by the technology which RotaryEco Machines offer.

Efficiency, ecological benefits, and lower costs! The pleasure from driving one's own car is even greater!

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