Website development for Vinprom Yambol

Vinprom Yambol is famous as the oldest wine cellar in South Bulgaria with 80 years of tradition in the production of wines and brandies.

Quality grapes for quality drinks!

The grapes drinks of our clients are suitable for every occassion and in every season. Red and white wines, rose and brandies are the Vinprom's main products. Sun, ground, a lot of work and love are needed for the making of every bottle from ordinary to one with many awards and acknowledgements. Every year Vinprom Yambol prove the quality and good taste of their alcohol drinks on many contests in Bulgaria as well as abroad. A really marvelous colour and taste!

A gift of nature!

There is a reason why wine is the drink of the gods, and as the popular Latin sentence goes – In vino veritas. After a glass of wine we are smiling, relaxed and ready for philosophical contemplation. Thoughts shared with our family, in a company, amidst the nature ... Every ad of our clients comprises images which make us feel good and comfortable with the traditions and history. In vino veritas! Cheers:) 

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